Too many stories go untold and unpreserved. We all have an interesting story to tell, or a box full of old photographs we'd like to make into a movie. Hearing Grandma or Grandpa tell about how they met, or what it was like during the war, or the day you took your first steps, or even that time the handle fell off the coffee pot, is like opening up a treasure chest of memories.

Rosemary Documentaries & Life Stories can help to tell and preserve these stories and memories. We create personal documentaries and family histories on video, professionally produced to broadcast standards and finished to DVD. We can produce a video program for you that includes on-camera interviews, photographs, your old home movies, and professionally designed graphics (titles, family trees, maps, graphic animation, etc.).

Too often we wish we had an encapsulated record of the life of someone close to us, or a recording of their voice, or a video of them telling stories, but then we put it off until "later". The best time to listen to their stories is right now.